Our mission is three-fold:

Provide holistic academic enrichment to children from low-income homes.

Provide support to displaced women with children in our community.

Provide teachers in impoverished countries with training and tools necessary to teach students with mild to moderate learning disabilities.

Our history & purpose

Founded in 2013

Impacting 200+ lives and more per year

Globally present

Dorine Ansah-Walker

Founder/CEO of Camp Dori
Virtual_Dori Anshs-Walker

During my 30+ years of teaching, I noticed that many of the students identified as special needs were misclassified. They fell behind their peers due to socioeconomic reasons, not learning or medical disability. Constant relocation, lack of poor proper nutrition, and clothes, contributed to low self-esteem and directly impact peer relationships. Without full holistic support, disadvantaged students cannot perform as well as their peers, in the general education setting, thus denying them their right to an adequate education. After years of repeated failures and rejection, students lose hope and shut down, some even drop out of school.

Camp Dori Inc. was created because I saw the need for positive role models, early academic preparation for children in low-income areas, and support for displaced women with children.

Even though Camp Dori Inc. aims to spread a wide net by investing in a variety of programs, our primary focus is to:

  1. Prepare low-income preschool and elementary aged children to be successful in school and beyond.
  2. Support displaced women, by providing resources needed to survive and thrive.
  3. Conduct workshops for educators, located in  impoverished countries, who teach students with mild to moderate learning disabilities.

Executive Board

Virtual_Dori Anshs-Walker

Dorine Ansah-Walker

Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Rachel Walker

Rachel Walker

Chief Operating Officer/Secretary

Dorcas Jamison

Dorcas Henegan-Jamison

Treasurer & Chief Financial Officer

Board of Directors

Dione Ansah

Dione Ansah

Director Instruction

Screenshot 2024-04-25 143955

Sonya Griffin

Director, Displaced Women

Screenshot 2024-04-25 143955

Paula Myrick

Director, Compliance and Grants

Josie Walter

Josephine Walker

Director, Events

Advisory Board

Dr. Jacqueline Pugh

Dr. Jacqueline Pugh


Tracy Turner

Tracy Turner


Lois Cato

Loustine Cato

Community Outreach

Connie Moore

Constance Moore

Social Media

Min. Barbara Hayes

Minister Barbara Hayes